Why choose Mor-Liquidity?

Mor-Liquidity Mergers and Acquisitions ARE NOT BUSINESS BROKERS.  We do not apply a traditional real estate broker approach to your going concern.

We are professional M&A Advisors (many of us have exited our own business in the past) who will facilitate the successful exit of your business through a comprehensive exit strategy. We have a proven methodology (our secret sauce) to have you successfully exit your business. We are a “one stop shop” for you, the business Owner(s)!  We have consummated over 50 successful exits over the years and have many satisfied clients that will endorse our value proposition! We act as your quarterback for the entire Exit process. (and yes, we apply a collaborative approach with all external advisors already in the mix)

It is important that you understand just what a professional business exit planning advisor can do.  We can confidentially evaluate your business to ensure it is ready for you to exit. We apply a ‘tough love’ approach to this evaluation exercise. We provide you the straight goods on the ‘sellability’ of your business! We are not in the business of telling Owners what they want to hear and charging them ongoing fees to do so (common practice in the competitive landscape). We are about managing expectations for the business Owner and providing street smart advice.  Mor-Liquidity conducts a equal amount of due diligence on the prospective client to ensure a strong fit! The exit process can take several years and we ensure that our goals and values are aligned with our clients goals and value sets.

We can assist you in deciding how to price your business and how to structure the transaction so it makes sense for everyone. We can assist you with fixing the value gaps (value enhancement) in your business so your business is bullet proof when suitor due diligence takes place. We can find the right buyer(s) for your business, work with you and the buyer in negotiations until the transaction is successfully closed.

One of the most important decisions you will make is to sell your business, one where experience will make the difference. If you are considering an exit, you want the very best professional business exit planning guidance you can get. Give us a call to discuss succession planning and your exit strategy!

I have represented and assisted several clients in corporate business transactions initiated and serviced by Mor-Liquidity over many years and what I believe differentiates Chad Morissette in the industry is the amount of work he puts in through the various phases of the transaction from the preparation to market, LOI, during the transaction process and after the transaction is completed with the transition issues. He stands by his clients throughout the entire process, relentlessly. I highly recommend him to any business owner wanting to plan and execute an exit strategy.”
Iwona Albrecht
Partner, Soloway Wright LLP

We know that preparing and exiting your business while selling to the right buyer at the best price, is time consuming and takes persistence, professionalism and dedication.