Value Enhancement

“Appearances Do Count. The time to replace that old worn out piece of “equipment” is before you decide to sell your business. Don’t assume that a new owner will want to do it or that the price will just be slightly lower because you haven’t replaced it. The time to “spiff up” the business is now. Fix the sign, replace the carpet, paint the place – make it look good. Even if you’re not selling your business, it’s just plain good for business, and you never know when the time to sell your business will occur. Keep in mind that anything that increases sales also increases profits and the all-important cash flow!

Value Enhancement

Without proper planning, it is unlikely that true value of your business will be reflected in the price. Without all the pieces in place, the business may not be attractive to buyers at all. This is why succession planning and exit planning are so critical.

Through the Exit Planning Process and Business Evaluations we have the capability and if required to introduce our team of professional consultants to ensure each function is up and running and providing maximum benefit to the organization. Some examples are ensuring that the right management team is in place, legal contacts are current, financial processes accurately portray the company’s financial picture, human resources systems are in place to reduce turnover, improve morale, etc.

With the company operating at maximum capacity the business will be seen as an attractive buy!

“Technosource worked directly with Mor-Liquity Mergers & Acquisitions, Inc. to consummate a successful license agreement with”.(Technosource)