Exit Planning Process

Business Owners who are solely focused on the transaction, are not adequately positioning their businesses for their exit. We focus on our clients’ well-being, what they want out of their business – and life – and help them determine ‘what’s next” in their lives.

The Exit Planning (or Succession Planning) Process, strategic plan or roadmap will assist how and when the business exits, maximizes value, minimizes capital gains taxes, identifies a number of strategic exit options and achieves personal and business goals.


Mor-Liquidity’s Exit Planning (or Succession Planning) Process is based on three (3) pillars. This model was developed for business Owners and our clients to be fully prepared to properly exit their businesses.

Our first pillar is based on identifying if the company can be sold (will it stand up to rigorous due diligence) and if so at what price range. As part of our Business Evaluation, we conduct an audit on the business across 18 business drivers to determine what needs to be “fixed”, implemented or enhanced within the organization prior to an exit (e.g. lack of customer diversity, the bench strength is weak, the business relies too heavily on the Owner) and then we evaluate the data through a business valuation to determine what the company is currently worth and what it COULD BE WORTH if the value gaps were addressed.

Our second pillar is based on “fixing” up the organization prior to a sale. Our Value Enhancement Consulting Services ultimately increase the value of your business “by getting the house in order” (e.g revenue diversified across more customers, more competent management team, Owner is NOT the business, etc.). Mor-Liquidity draws on discipline specific consultants to close the value gaps of your business. Quite often Value Enhancement can take months and sometimes years to accomplish the changes necessary. It’s never too early to start this exercise.

Our third pillar is sourcing and  finding a suitable buyer when it’s time to sell your business. We develop a comprehensive marketing outreach plan to solicit interest in your business. Whether it be a private equity firm, a strategic buyer, a financial buyer, a competitor we work with the business Owner on creating the best possible targeted suitor list. We handle every step of the deal making process with the Owner of the business.  Exiting the business is the final stage in the process and one that encompasses the most amounts of time and effort. Often the total time investment can exceed 300-400 hours depending on the size and complexity of the transaction. Mor-Liquidity’s objective is to achieve the best possible premium and terms and to ensure the legacy of your business!

“Mor-Liquidity provided strategic HR advice and ongoing coaching to the management team which was invaluable. Their professionalism and targeted focus helped us achieve our goals as an organization” (AMS Imaging Inc.)

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