Boating Centre & Marina for Sale

We have a Boating Centre and Marina on the market. If growth via acquisition is part of your company’s strategic plan, please reach out to me to schedule a brief (10 minute) high-level confidential discovery phone call. My confidential email is and my direct dial is 1-866-533-9324 ext. 1.

Business Type: Complete Boating Centre and Marina
General Location: Eastern Ontario, Canada
Employees: 5 Full time year-round
Organization: Privately Owned
Years in Business: 20+ years
Years Owned: 20+ years

Overview: The business is located in the Greater Ottawa region and boasts several well-appointed properties. This full-service marina provides top-quality products which comprise of retail space, boat sales and service, boat storage, and other boat-related products such as docks, lifts, etc. This property includes state-of-the-art storage units and a fully serviced marina operating with dozens of boat slips.

Sale Details: The Business Going Concern, Land, and Buildings are to be conveyed as part of the sale. Vendors are willing to sell the land and buildings or do a lease back.

Financial Data:
2018 Revenues: $1.674M in Canadian currency
Adjusted EBITDA: $193,000
Selling Price: Open bid

Inquiries about this business contact Chad Morissette.

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