Veteran Marketing CEO Steve Klein Joins Mor-Liquidity

Steve Klein

Chad Morissette, Founder and Managing Director of Mor-Liquidity Mergers & Acquisitions, Inc. is delighted to announce that veteran Ottawa Marketing Firm CEO Steve Klein has joined Mor-Liquidity as a Senior Associate, effective immediately.

“Steve adds significantly to our capabilities and ability to deliver outstanding service to our owner-managed clients,” said Morissette. “There are a lot of owners of mid-sized companies looking for a savvy coach and a proven process to sell their shares and exit their businesses. With our newly expanded team of 10 professionals, Mor-Liquidity is now in an ideal position to help owners find the perfect buyer and maximize the after-tax proceeds from the sale,” he added.

Steve brings more than three decades of experience to Mor-Liquidity, especially in starting, growing and selling companies. He has started, grown and sold two of his own: Packaging Connections and Marketing Breakthroughs.

While CEO of Marketing Breakthroughs, he coached well over 100 owner-managed clients, including some of Ottawa’s best known family-owned businesses. He is well known throughout the City for his highly creative, multi-channel radio, TV, digital and direct mail advertising campaigns on behalf of Holmes Heating (2004 – 2013), Greely Sand & Gravel (2011 – 2019) and Preston Hardware (2007 – 2019).

During his executive career prior to 1990, Steve served as Chief Corporate Planning and Development Officer for Lawson & Jones, Lawson Mardon Group, Molson’s Ontario Breweries and Innopac. While at Lawson & Jones, he was one of five executives who engineered the $559 million leveraged buyouts of Lawson and its parent Mardon Packaging International. Within six months after the buyout, Steve sold 10 of Lawson’s non-core companies and divisions, including NER Data, Boyertown Packaging, Mardon Packaging US and Michigan Litho, for nearly $100 million.

He holds B.Comm. and MBA degrees from Queen’s University.