Boutique Fitness Centre on the Market

We currently have growing, multi-location Fitness Center businesses on the market, located in sought after, affluent and expanding neighborhoods. These centers represent a chain that has 100’s of locations and stands behind a solid reputation of offering premier customer service and state of the art facilities in convenient boutique settings.

If growth via acquisition is part of your company’s strategic plan or are you looking to own your own business in the health and wellness sector, please reach out to me to schedule a brief (10 minute) high-level confidential discovery phone call. Please contact or call 1-866-533-9324 ext. 1.

Business Type: Fitness Industry
General Location: Eastern Ontario
Staff: < 10 Full and Part-time
Ownership: 2 Shareholders
Years in Business: > 15 years
Years Owned: < 8 years


This internationally recognized, award-winning premier fitness chain provides full service, boutique fitness offerings and facilities to clients. Their company value is founded in their intimate customer service, unique facilities and personal training offerings.

These centers have built their reputation and brand value by offering clients affordability, convenience and one on one support in all stages of their client’s fitness journeys. They have achieved year over year growth by delivering full-scale personal service, with trained and passionate staff, as well as remaining current on the latest fitness trends and access to advanced equipment.

The fitness industry is one of the fastest-growing industries, with over 1 Million people joining health clubs every year. More than $85 Billion is generated in total health club revenue worldwide, boasting a growth rate from 2014 to 2019 of over 7.5% with the increased demand for physical health and wellness.

The recurring revenue from this business is based on local, growing neighborhoods and loyal customers. These centers have significant opportunities for growth with expanded service offerings and new member acquisitions.

Financial Data:
2019 Revenues: $1.3M in Canadian currency
Adjusted EBITDA: $403K
Selling Price: Open bid

Inquiries about this business contact Chad Morissette.

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